Does your social media pass the test?

Salon Marketing on Social Media

The goal of social media is to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.  The global use of social media makes it an ideal avenue for salon marketing.  However, many salon professionals fail to get the most from their social media profile.  Does your profile pass the Test?

Does your social media pass the test?

Your profile photo should be a clear headshot or your brand logo.  A professional photo would be nice, but a selfie taken in good lighting can work just as well.

You’re more likely to be contacted by someone who likes your work on social media if they can see your face, know your name, and how to reach you.  If you have a website, you should include a link to it for more detailed information.

As a beauty professional, you’re running a real business.  Legitimate businesses have a brand…a recognizable and consistent presence. Whether online or in the shop, your image will speak volumes to the clientele you attract and can impact the volume of clients you service.

What makes a Social Media Profile Great?

Your ideal clientele and what you offer should be easy to read.  Your social media profile should also contain a Call to Action (CTA).  The information you detail about your business should suggest an action such as contacting you, booking an appointment, saving your information for later, or encouraging viewers to share it.

Using Social Media to Grow Your Salon Business
Using Technology to Grow Your Salon Business

Learn best practices and common mistakes to avoid to get the most from social media.  This book is ideal for stylists and barbers with limited social media experience, but can also benefit advanced social media users.  You’ll find a glossary of helpful terms at the end to help make social media and technology easier to understand and navigate.

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What does Social Media have to do with Salon Success?


In the salon industry (and many others), it’s all about image and that’s the reason clients trust you.  So what makes social media any different?  Today millions of people use social media sites to connect, share and socialize with friends, family, and local businesses.  Reaching your ideal client by engaging in their circles will allow you to better understand and meet their needs.